Wednesday 29 March 2017
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Actresses have called me up when they discovered their first orgasm


Pooja Bhatt has always been the one to speak the truth whether it is her films or interviews. Her film ‘Cabaret’ has hit the theaters today. In a recent interview regarding the movie, when asked about her upcoming Web series, she was quite forthcoming and excited about it. She said, “My web series is on multiple orgasms, that’s exactly what it is. We still live in times where sex is a taboo. Female pleasure is supposed to be sacrilege, women are not masters of their own destinies when it comes to their sexual preferences. Very few can choose whom to get married to or whom to have sex with. Even fewer can choose if they can use birth control methods or terminate a pregnancy. Believe me, we live in a country where 80% of the women haven’t had an orgasm.” She further added, “I want to tell the stories of women in India, someone from Kashmir, Kerala, Assam and Maharashtra. I want to show the story of a widow, a prostitute, a 15-year-old, a sister and a mother. In my web series, I have a story about a widow who at the age of 50 discovers what an orgasm is.” But that is not the most interesting part. When asked what kind of women approached her regarding the subject, Pooja did not shy away from the fact that even actresses have called her up to share their experiences. “They have told me how they discovered their first orgasm! It is very funny and interesting,” said Pooja. When asked who inspired her to take up the subject, she said, “My inspiration for this is the novel by Mahasweta Devi called ‘Breast Stories’ which is about three women, and each of their stories centred around breasts.” If everything goes well, it will be a groundbreaking series for everyone to watch.