Brahmanandam’s Son To Act In A Crowd Funded Film

Brahmanandam’s son Gautham who was last seen in a movie Basanthi which was released in 2014 is yet again coming up with a movie which is funded by crowd. 

Phanindra Narsetti, this name might not sound familiar to Tollywood audiences but to the social media buffs, he is a genius who has the potential to change the way Telugu films are being made.

Narsetti first came into limelight when his brilliant short film titled “Madhuram” created waves on social media. He has a couple of other exquisite works in the short film segment to his name. This talented filmmaker is now gearing up to set his foot in tollywood with a crowd-funded feature film titled ‘Manu’.

The first look poster and teaser of Manu were unveiled the other day and it looks like a typical Narsetti mark film with breathtaking visuals and haunting background music. Cinematography is by Vishwanath Reddy and the background is by Naresh Kumaran. Besides, the costumes and the art direction set the tone for this mystery thriller.

One would get amazed to know that this brilliant piece of work was made possible with a shoestring budget funded by crowd. The first look and teaser have generated great amount of curiosity among movie lovers and audiences would love to get on this engrossing ride.

Manu stars  Gautham and Chandini Chowdhary in lead roles.