Comedian Pruthvi Outburst On Deleting His Scenes

Chiranjeevi has asked VV Vinayak to chop off few unnecessary comedy scenes from ‘Khaidi No.150’ to retain the soul of the original. As a result, The Direction Team removed few scenes of Comedian Pruthvi at the editing table.

Pained by the latest development, Pruthvi expressed how much did it hurt him on the social media. ‘Megastar 150th movie lo natinchadam Na adhrushtam. Scenes theesiveyadam Na duradhrushtam. Sankranthi rojuna Ma mother chanipoyinantha badhaga vundhi,’ he wrote.

How justifiable is comparison of the deletion of few scenes to the death of mother? May be, Pruthvi has over-reacted in an attempt to express how much those scenes in the landmark film of Megastar means to him. It is also rumored that Pruthvi’s scenes were deleted to accommodate more scenes of Brahanamdam. Well, Let’s see how Mega Camp responds to this unexpected outburst.