Wednesday 29 March 2017
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Dhruva Mission Accomplished

Finally after five days of its release and thanks to Ram Charan’s whirlwind promotions in the US, Geetha Arts’ latest production Dhruva has managed to reach the one million dollar league, ending Charan’s long wait.

As per the latest updates from trade circles, Dhruva has grossed a little more than $1 million earlier today. With this, Dhruva becomes the first Telugu film to gross $1 million in December, which is usually considered an unpredictable month due to inclement weather conditions.

However, the game has only just begun for Dhruva as the film should collect more than $1.5 million to reach the break even status. Going by the latest trends, Dhruva indeed has a Herculean task before it turns out to be a safe venture for its buyers.

After collecting a meager $223,835 from its premieres, Dhruva went on to gross $245,233 at the end of Friday and further collected $321,119 and $149,532 on Saturday and Sunday respectively. On Monday, Dhruva witnessed a considerable drop as it collected only $31,342 from 113 locations.

On a positive note it has increased the fan base of Charan in Overseas, but neglecting the local promotions has clearly shown the impact on the collections in India.