Girls go crazy for Taapsee Pannu’s ‘Pink’ tattoo



Amitabh Bachan and Tapsee Pannu starrer ‘Pink’ is critically acclaimed and a huge box office success. The film has struck a chord with the audience for its intriguing story and gripping screenplay, it not only ended there but it has also sparked a tattoo trend in the city.

Girls are queuing up at tattoo salons to get a row of birds tattooed on their collar bone, just like actor Taapsee in the film. “I’m sure the film has to play a role in popularising the tattoo again, as Bollywood is a big inspiration for fashionistas. I am getting a lot of customers who want dainty bird tattooed on their collar bone.” validates Kachan Mehra, makeup artist and tattoo expert.

Taapsee never thought her tattoo would spark a trend. In an interview to a daily she said the tattoo showed four different stages of a bird when she opens her wings to fly. She says it was intentional because her character was that of a free-spirited girl living life on her own terms.