I Am In Relationship With Salman



Don’t think that this is the statement given by any heroine, in fact these are the words uttered by King Khan himself.

In a candid interview on his birthday King Khan reveled lot of things about his life, he said that he was paid 500 for a month while working on the sets of a serial.

Me Aaamir and Salman never discuss about any thing else other than family and relations when we meet only people think that we are foes but we are actually friends and we think and react same on almost all the issues.

Now every thing is written about me and salman  our fights our clash at box office and how we search for every opportunity to pull each of us down the pot shots we take at each other and the camp’s we maintain,now  I want some one to write that me and salman are romantically involved in a relation as that will be the only rumor left to write, said sharuk in his usual cool way.