Sunday 26 March 2017
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KICHHA Sudeep Finally Reunites With His Wife

Kannada star Sudeep in quite popular in Telugu circuit after films such as ‘Eega’ & ‘Baahubali’. Although he is in a good phase career-wise, Troubled personal life became a worry for him & his fans.

In 2001, Sudeep has fallen in love with Priya Radhakrishnan and got married to her. The couple even have a daughter. Early this year, Sudeep and Priya approached court for divorce due to few differences. Sudeep even got ready to pay a hefty alimony but he skipped the hearings. Even his lawyer sought a two months time to workout an agreement. So, Court adjourned the hearing to March 9th.

Finally, Sudeep and Priya has patched up. They decided to withdraw the divorce petition and live together. Family Members & fans are happy to know about the issue getting resolved amicably.

In Baauhubali 2, Sudeep will appear in the Second Half. He is going to be the one who supplies war-related equipment to Mahendra Baahubali to revolt against Bhallaladeva.