Sunday 26 March 2017
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When Mahesh Said No For Photos


The other day, when the shooting of Mahesh Babu-Murugadoss film was taking place in Chennai, some fans of Mahesh from Guntur approached him and requested him for a photo session.

The super star readily obliged. The fans were so thrilled and some of the over enthusiastic fans uploaded the photographs on social media.

Its has irked Mahesh in a big way as he was reportedly in the attire of his movie’s character at the time of taking the photographs.

Naturally, he was worried that details and looks of his character in the movie would be revealed through the photographs.

He had only intended them to be personal memorabilia for the fans. Therefore, when another bunch of fans approached him in Hyderabad and requested for a photo session, Mahesh had apparently declined.

Well, what do you think of it folks?