Wednesday 29 March 2017
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Not Accepted In India,But It’s Ok In The West ?

PC Gor Her Boob Pinched

Well we all know that most have of the movie star’s are known for their double standards, and looks like PC is the new one to join the list.

Back home she speaks about women empowerment and how women are used only as glamour dolls in Indian movies and she was happy to keep her assets on display during her stint in US.

And recently an unseen picture surfaced on internet where the famous Hollywood hot actress Sofia Vergara too in her gold gown posed along with Priyanka Chopra on red carpet. Posing along is most common, but it is very naughty and hot enough when Sofia Veragara fake-pinched Priyanka’s boob, leaving the latter in splits!!

The two stars share a great rapport and there are few other pictures of both getting naughty at the same event. Nevertheless it is her personal reaction but what if that has happened in India will she react the same way.

Recently she made a bold statement that she need men only to satisfy her physical desires, and what if any person would have made the same statement, she would be the front runner to go hammer and tongs on that person. Strange but true these people have their own means in what ever they do.