Shah Rukh Khan’s Hilarious speech in Bengali at Kolkata Film Festival


Bollywood badshah Shah Rukh Khan won over the audience present at the opening ceremony of the annual Kolkata International Film Festival. Shah Rukh, who is the brand ambassador of Kolkata and who also own the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders,  visits the place frequently and this time he impressed the fans and attendees alike by attempting to give a speech in the native language -Bengali.


SRK, came prepared with a speech written in Bengali on advice of Jaya Bachan and he addressed it to a jam-packed crowd. Expressing his fears of not getting his diction right, Shah Rukh said, “I will get spanked by the end of the evening, hundred percent, by Jaya aunty for sure, because I promised you (Jaya Bachchan) I will speak in Bangla tonight, so I am going to give it a shot.”

SRK’s, bengali accent and his own mannerisms left the audience in splits. The crowd’s roaring applause that followed, encouraged the actor to go on with his noble attempt.

In the end, Shah Rukh said, “Ami ageo bolechi, Kolkata amar praner sohor, Kolkata Film Festival amar praner utsob” (I have said this before, Kolkata is the city of my heart and Kolkata Film Festival, the festival of my heart).