Sridevi’s Daughter All Set To Debut As Heroine.



Gorgeous beauty Sridevi’s elder daughter Jahnavi has been in the news with the posts of her sexy pictures on Instagram and social media and her wild parties were also the talk of the town.

Many in Tollywood have approached Sridevi with the proposal of introducing Jahnavi as heroine in their films.

Ashwini Dutt even planned sequel to mammoth hit “Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari” with Ram Charan and Jahnavi but Sridevi didn’t accept it saying she is still studying.

But latest information is that Jahnavi has decided to enter into films but not in South Indian movies but in Bollywood. She is comfortable in Hindi language only. Hence she wants to make a name for herself in Hindi movies first. 

She reportedly convinced her mother to say yes to her entry in one of Karan Johar’s upcoming productions.

So we will be seeing Sridevi Jr on silver screen pretty soon. In no time, she may debut in Tollywood too.

We have to wait and watch weather she can continue the legacy of her mother as most of the daughters were not able to do so.