Tamanna The New Fashion Blunder

Tamanna The Fashion Blunder

There are many heroines who take special care to look good all the times, sometimes things go hay way and they end up as fashion blunders. Almost every heroine goes through this situation once in her life time, but there is one heroine who has become a butt of jokes due to fashion sense and repeating the same mistake every time. 

Though never know for her fashion sense off late she is being noticed for her nonsense fashion.

Whether it’s a bid to grab all the attention, milky beauty Tamanna is these days flaunting her frontal beauty most of the time. Is it enticing fashion lovers however?

Of course, there’s no rule book to play here but critics think that Tamanna’s frontal deep cleavage show isn’t so enthralling. Recently she appeared at Southscope Lifestyle awards and also Stardust awards, flaunting most of her bosom in frontless dresses. Critics do say, one need to be too curvaceous to do such feats. The core meaning of this is she has to concentrate on the curves and the parts where she looks sexy rather than showing off the parts that don’t entice common man.

Why these fashion blunders Tamanna? Hope you take the advice and concentrate.