Tamanna’s Fashion Blunder Continues

Tamanna Fashion Blunders Continue

Generally milky beauty Tamanna’s hot visual feast at events will be a discussion, but this time she has turned up very hot for a Discussion itself.

Other day for the India Conclave panel discussion (South) hosted by a popular media house, Milky Beauty turned up rather hot. Showcasing that tempting curve of her tender thighs in a high slit outfit Tamanna Bhatia made sure that all heads at the discussion are on her, but for the wrong reason.

In no time she became the victim of troller’s , people trolled her from all the corners and some even advised that they will hire a personal designer for her if she can’t afford.

Off late there were many instances, where she became a fashion blunder and now she made a habit of it, guess this is her new strategy to steal the lime light. 

What ever it is she should take a cue from her contemporaries to look elegantly hot and sensible at the same time.