True nature of Pak artiste Mahira Khan; Video of her taking dig at Bollywood &India goes viral

Pakistani artiste Mahira Khan, who plays the female lead in the Shah Rukh Khan’s much awaited film ‘Raees’ is in the news again after a video of her taking a dig at Bollywood and India goes viral.

Amid the strained relations between India & Pakistan, a ban has been imposed on Pakistan artistes in the country. The MNS wing also threatened to ban Raees for casting the Pakistani actress Mahira Khan.


However, Shah Rukh Khan settled the issue by talking to Raj Thackery and got a nod from MNS on a safe release for ‘Raees’, but now it seems the problems have started again for the Raees unit with the latest video of Mahira Khan.

While most Pakistani actors have chose to stay mum on the issue, the viral video that has surfaced on Twitter shows Mahira being vocal about her patriotism and commenting in what seems like a blatant tone of condescension towards India.

In the video, while she’s pretty confident of her patronage of her motherland, she further goes on to add, “We should never be inspired from Indians. We are not Bollywood.”

Watch the Video link below