45 Crores Budget For Venky and Puri’s Movie

Puri and Venkatesh

Looks like director Puri has a special quality to impress people irrespective of his track record. After giving a dud like Jyothilakshmi he directed Kalyanram in ISM which was made on a budget of 28 crores, which is almost three times higher than Kalyanram’s market range.

It ended as a dud and left a deep hole in Kalyanram’s pocket. Later he was supposed to direct NTR but he rejected him out right after the disaster. 

There were rumors that he will direct energetic star Ram in his next but even that project got shelved.

Finally he landed in Suresh Productions camp, narrated a story to Venaktesh and got his approval. If you think that this is the big news then you are wrong.

Puri gave a Suresh Babu a jolt when he asked for 45 crores as the budget and Venkatesh is okay with it although it is way above his market range.

Venkatesh is reportedly bowled over by Puri’s script and characterization that he decided to do the film by hook or crook.  

Venkatesh’s brother Suresh Babu also is impressed with the script and immediately gave a nod to bankroll it.

However, Suresh Babu had concerns over the budget as Venkatesh’s market is under thirty crore range.

Venkatesh was not ready to compromise on the quality or miss out on the project because of budget constraints. So for the first time in his thirty years career, Venky is turning producer and doing this film as a joint venture with his brother.