Wednesday 29 March 2017
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Got One Hit And This Hero Demands 1 Crore, God Must Be Crazy


He hails from one of the top families in the industry and he made his debut with a bilingual, that sank at the box office without any trace.

Later he acted in a movie in his own banner which was a moderate success and again he waited for years for his third movie when no producer dared to cast him as a hero he again produced his own movie with a director known for his sensible movies and he succeeded this time as the movie was high on content and every one except him won accolades for their performance.

And now here comes the glitch few people around him made him believe that the movie was a hit only because of him and this super hero started believing the same and recently a director who gave a blockbuster hit with one young hero approached him for a lead role, he said he will sign for this movie only if he get 1 crore as a remuneration.

Strange how people over estimate them-self’s with one hit,guess he will learn that in a hard way too like his brother who was also on cloud nine after he delivered biggest hit in his career and started showing tantrums but very soon he was shown his place by one super stars die hard fans.