Wednesday 29 March 2017
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The Dark Side Of The Superstar

He is one the Superstar’s who has a fan following in entire India.He is known for his short temper and the list of beauties he dated is almost end less.

He is famous for giving break for struggling heroines and surprisingly after acting with him almost all the heroines went on to become the A-listers. He is kind enough and also very genorous.

But at the flip slide he is equally dangerous and biggest womanizer and he wont even hesitate to trouble them if the heroines don’t mend their ways with him.

Recently a heroine who got married with out any fan fare has reveled that the Hero has used all his connections to get her laid, when all those attempts failed he directly entered the scene and threatened to kill her if she don’t get laid.

She also said that he has a habit of hitting heroines in the time of intercourse and one actress who refused to buy in his demands was left with out any work for most of the years and finally when she agreed  she got offers she has become the top heroine now and she was paired with him in one of his recent blockbuster hit movie .

Strange are the people and equally strange is the image they portray in movies as women savers where as this hero has not even spared a heroine who acted as his sister in one of his south remake. 

But still we have fans who just go crazy for him.