Hero Parents, Reason For Breakup


This practically comes from the horse’s mouth. One of 2016’s most famous breakups was actually caused by the lover boy’s parents. We hear the busybody parents found their son getting too close to his girlfriend and decided to put an end to the relationship. So they hired a detective to dredge some dirt from her days as a struggler. The detective led them to a foreign escort company, and recorded an interview. The tapes were then given as a Christmas present to the boyfriend. And, that was that.

That’s it, the hero who was on the verge of getting married to his lady love decided to part ways after watching that video, not that he is not aware of her earlier flings but he felt,he was cheated as she didn’t tell him that she was even into escort services.

This really caused a heart break for that Hero who decided to move away from her life and house.

Did you guess this couple?