Is Puri Doing Jana Gana Mana With Venkatesh ?

Puri and Venkatesh

Puri Jagannadh teaming up with Venkatesh and Suresh Babu for a high-budget film is no breaking news. But the news is that the ace writer-director is doing “Jana Gana Mana” with Venkatesh which was originally supposed to do with Mahesh Babu. 

Although Puri and Mahesh announced to do film Jana Gana Mana, it hasn’t taken off for a while. Blame it on Puri’s lean phase and also Mahesh’s busy lineup of commitments.

In between, Puri seems to have decided to go ahead with Venky. Apparently the film will have a whopping budget of Rs 45 Crore which is highest in Venky’s career.

Reportedly, Suresh Babu would pump in Rs 20 Crore whereas the remaining Rs 25 Crore would be borne by Venkatesh himself.