Reel Life Villain Turned Real Life Villain

Producers Shivered

He was one of the dreaded villain of his times and his characterization was so scary that he revealed that his own kids use to get scared of him.He was in the news couple of years back for trying to grope a female employee of his house.

Now this reel life villain has turned real life villain for his daughter love story.

His daughter is in the film industry and gained name and fame very quickly, she was linked with one young hero and they were spotted at every event.News also broke out that both families have accepted their relation. But destiny had it’s own way and they both parted ways. We now hear that this young hero is dating and hot and heart broken heroine.

And this poor girl has found solace in one actor who is also a director and nearly 18 years elder to her.Not wasting much of her time she started living with him without the consent of her father. Her father tried all possible ways to please her and didn’t succeed in his efforts to bring her back.

Finally he went to the house of that hero cum director and dragged his daughter out of that house and threatened her new lover to kill him if he tries to get in touch with her.

Later when quipped about the same the reel life villain has slammed them as baseless rumors, how ever the neighbors of his house state that they have seen him dragging his daughter into the house and even slapped her when she tried to run away.

Poor girl her childhood fears have become a reality.