Wednesday 29 March 2017
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Vinayak Lost Interest On His Dream Project

Until an year ago, VV Vinayak kept claiming ‘Dana Veera Sura Karna’ is going to be his dream project and he would make it with NTR sometime in future. In Open Heart with RK, The Filmmaker said he would wait until NTR becomes a father of two children to take this mythological flick on floors as he wants him to be so patient.

Seems like, VV Vinayak has a change of mind now. He says projects like ‘Dana Veera Sura Karna’ can’t be successful in present times due to budget escalation and changing tastes of audience.

Surprisingly, Vinayak is also not keen on making ‘Adhurs’ sequel with Tarak. The 2010 Flick was highly successful in exploring an unseen dimension in Jr. Fans want the duo to make a sequel even discussions took place. But, Vinayak dropped the idea after sequels continued to bite the dust in Tollywood. May be, He would attempt a fresh subject instead.