Wednesday 29 March 2017
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Vinayak Has No Control Over Songs And Fight’s ?

Director Vinayak has no control or least control on the songs, action episodes in Khaidi No. 150. Apparently, it was Chiru & his team which had a complete grip on the dances and fight sequences in the Chiru’s comeback film.

However, this is not first time for Vinayak. As most of the films he made, he doesn’t bother much on the dances, fights. Vinayak leaves it to the technicians after giving proper inputs. Usually, songs are composed by dance choreographers and fights by stuntmen.

Apparently, Vinayak focuses more on the taking and intensify the scenes. That’s his forte. And he followed the same for Khaidi too. He guided the team and let them do their work.

Vinayak also infused comedy in the Telugu remake of Kaththi and that differs from the original.