Wednesday 29 March 2017
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Ways to bring back the magic of romance


Every person in this world wants to be loved and get equal or more love in return. Love provides a person with the needed energy, support and strength to carry on your day to day activities and to face the competitive and challenging world of today. The enormous significance of a loving relation ship between a man and woman in both of their life , is not possible to be explained in totality and a good relationship can be considered to be the blessing of God to a person.

But, everyone’s marital life may not be always smooth like a fairy tale. There may be ups and downs, conflicts, discords and disagreements which brings in distance between a couple for a wide range of problems, whose magnitude may be small or big. Time is also a factor which may strengthen or weaken the bond in a relationship. There may be a feeling between the couple that they have lost the bond they once used to share.

The passion that they shared between them in the early years of marriage is no longer there or there is lack of respect or love for each other. If such is the case, then you should not sit and do nothing and let the situation get worse .Instead follow the following tips to rekindle the lost love and make your relationship stronger than ever before.


This is most important part of improving the state of a relationship. You need to be vocal about your feeling and let your partner know what you expect from this relationship. At the same time you should be a good listener and you should consider what your partner’s expectations are and what he/she expects from you in the relationship. Once you set these things right and make sure that the expectations are put to rest so that there is no basic discord, you may try asking the following at the suitable times. Can we spend sometime together often after we get back from work.?

After we put the children to sleep , can we watch TV together? Hold hands or lean your head to his/her shoulder while watching and try to rekindle the love that you used to share at one point in life.

Will you join me for a outside dinner , candle light may be ?

A moonlight walk together?

Arrange special dates with only two of you present.

By asking these type of romantic questions you will be able to break the ice between both of you and the relationship will start flourish again.

Avoid Criticism

If you sincerely want to nurture the relationship and bring back the love, then be patient. Do not lose your temper and shout on your spouse for petty things. Do not criticize, as that brings a basic feeling of un desirability in the individual. Instead of criticizing, try to suggest how to do things differently or what is the problem according to you and the steps to resolve them.

Romantic gestures

Try to add romantic gestures in your day to day functioning. You can at least attempt to do this even when you know that you are not a romantic by nature. Try giving genuine compliments at suitable times, something like “You look beautiful in this dress”. Be positive in your mind and tell to yourself that you really love him/her that you really find her beautiful or similar statements. A surprise romantic gift or other similar gesture has the potential to re kindle the lost romance that you once shared.