Young Man Tend To Watch Porn,Than Women



When it comes to pornography and men, women often try to figure out the intense connection between them but always fail.

While pornography appeals to both sexes, men always seem to be watching it more than women. Let us figure out the how’s and what’s behind it.

Pornography and the Battle of the Sexes

If one had to elucidate the reasons behind why men watch porn, it would be summed up by – ‘Men will be men.’ So why does he watch it? Simple. Mankind was born with an innate desire to binge on food and sex. The biological reactions to sexual approach and eventual orgasms make him addicted to sexual release. This is where porn comes into play. Pornography provides the sufficient erotic titillation to facilitate sexual release. Here’s the catch: when it comes to watching porn, women prefer viewing it lesser than men. But why? If men and women are created in the same biological framework, why would this difference arise at all? It will arise due to the difference in physical needs. Most women look beyond the physically gratifying factor behind pornography and tend to treat it as a rampant exploitation and objectification of the female body. What can one say? It is hard to do away with the feminist streak.

Why Do Men Tend to Watch it More?

The reason is painfully simple – Man is a curious being. If there can be a species that is more physically attuned to its desires, it has to be man. In simple terms, men like to watch porn simply because they like watching naked women do unspeakable sexual acts for them. A man can never have enough of nudity and when it comes along with entertaining education of how to have a good romp in the sheets, it is mostly win-win! Besides, nothing can compare to the thrilling gratification of masturbating to the moans of a porn star. There’s nothing wrong with some healthy curiosity, of course! Men have always wondered how women look underneath their clothes, and if porn gives them the chance to express their desires in a healthy way, then it is not a bad deal at all. Studies have shown that men collectively spend 2 hours every week in watching pornography and masturbating.

Why Women Watch it Less?

Unless they feel the urge to relieve themselves, women hardly admit to watching porn. To them, the sloppy wrestling of genitalia is repulsing. One way to look at their disinterest is to evaluate the audience appeal of porn. Men have always been the primary target audience for the porn industry and so every video uploaded is created keeping men’s desires in mind. Heterosexual women hardly get to enjoy porn for the same reasons as man. Even if they did, the excitement of watching porn would only last till they have relieved themselves. It is easier for women to not give into porn addiction because they view it as a utilitarian accessory instead of a healthy discipline. Although women are more sexually viable, they tend to satisfy themselves in the duration of actual intercourse and hence give up the need to seek gratification with porn. Studies show that an average woman spends only 20 minutes watching porn in a week.

Pornography is healthy till it maintains the decorum of the relationship and is kept private. Men and women are allowed to keep their curiosities alive by watching porn