Sunday 26 March 2017
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BJP leader Sakshi Maharaj’s controversial statement against Muslims puts party in a spot

Controversial BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj on Friday indirectly blamed Muslims for population boom while addressing a gathering in Meerut. In a complete turnaround, he denied targeting any community after facing criticism from opposition parties.

“Population is increased by those who support the concept of four wives and 40 children,” said the BJP leader. “Strict laws are required in this country if we really want to curb population. Parties need to rise above politics and take decision for the sake of the country,” the BJP MP from Unnao said.

Speaking at a religious function on Friday, Mr. Maharaj, without taking any names, said a particular community, and not the Hindus, was responsible for the population problems in the country.

The so-called religious leader defended his comments saying he did not comment on any community. “I have not commented on any community. I have been misquoted and am ready to face Election Commission,” he said.

Yesterday, without naming Muslims, Maharaj said in Uttar Pradesh – in clear violation of the pre-poll model code of conduct — those entitled to marry four times and have 40 children are responsible for the country’s population explosion.

“The Hindu is not responsible for the population explosion (in India). It is those who keep 4 wives and produce 40 children,” he said. “Hindu ghata toh desh banta (If Hindu numbers go down, the country will be divided),” he added.

The remarks drew criticism from opposition parties even as the Election Commission sought a report from the district administration of Meerut regarding the statement.