Why Daddies always save their sons: Kangana’s Dig at Rakesh Roshan



There seems to be no ending to Bollywood’s biggest scandal involving Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan. Known to speak her heart out, Kangana Ranaut vented her anger out in public by taking a dig at Roshan’s by questioning why Hrithik Roshan’s father had to come for his rescue after issues between her and the actor surfaced earlier this year.


Rakesh Roshan recently went on record to say that his son “chose to remain dignified when someone was spreading lies about him” and that Hrithik would shock everyone if he came out with the truth.

However this did’nt go well with Kangana and on being asked about the comment made by Rakesh Roshan she immediately replied, I want to know why can’t Indian men stand up for themselves. He is a 43-year-old son. Why his father has to come for his rescue always?’

“For how long they will keep hiding behind their influential big names of father. He is an adult and he can pretty much handle his own controversies in show business. It is just a simple controversy. Why daddies have to always save their sons, I don’t understand this,” the actress added further.