Modi slams opposition parties(Congress, BSP, SP) in Lucknow rally

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressed a ‘Parivartan rally’ at Ambedkar ground in Uttar Pradesh on Monday, amid all the chaos in the political circles with a feud in the Samajwadi party.

Addressing a huge crowd Modi described it as “the biggest rally i have ever seen”.

He then shifted his focus on to the opposition parties for criticizing demonetization and other policies rolled out by the government for the betterment of the society. Without naming anyone he said that some parties are stuck in their bid to do dynasty politics, while others are trying to hide their black money and other party is busy in sorting out family problems, asserted that the BJP was the only party which wants to develop UP.

All opposition parties, he said, “are obsessed with Modi hatao (remove Modi) Me? I’m fixated on removing corruption,” he said, referring to his sudden demonetisation drive that was launched in November and cancelled 500 and 1,000-rupee notes at just a few hours’ notice.

Modi also went on to add that even though the BJP has not been in power in Uttar Pradesh, that doesn’t bother him and his party.

“We don’t look at politics through that lens. Our not being in power for 14 years has meant no growth and development in UP for 14 years and that’s what hurts the most,” Modi said.