PM Modi addressing a rally at Dehradun, urges Uttarakhand’s support for demonetization

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, addressed a Parivartan Rally in Dehradun as part of BJP’s outreach programme to woo voters before the upcoming elections in Uttarakhand.

Addressing a large gathering, Modi said that demonetization has helped put an end to a lot of social problems plaguing the country. “In one stroke fake notes, terrorism, human trafficking, drug mafia were dealt with after demonetisation announcement on November 8.

Saying that the corrupt would be punished, PM Modi said everyone has helped him in this “cleanliness campaign” . “I know you have faced a lot of inconvenience but despite that the nation came forward to fight against corruption,” PM Modi said.

He also lashed out at opposition parties for protesting against the Policy’s implementation. Without taking names Modi claimed that few people doesn’t want him to act against corruption in the country.

Modi thanked the people for attending the rally in huge numbers and said that the presence of such a large crowd signalled that the people of Uttarakhand could’t wait for development anymore. He also quizzed the crowd about their lack of interest when he had hosted a rally in Dehradun in 2014 when he was running as a PM candidate for the Lok Sabha elections.