Virat Kohli lashes out at molesters and those who justify such acts

Virat Kohli, Indian Test Captain, condemned the Bengaluru mass molestation incident and lashed out at those who watched in silence when Women were being molested on streets.

The modern age cricketer, who is not shy of expressing his thoughts, took to social media to condemn Bengaluru molestation act. He posted two videos on Instagram and said that it is the mentality of the people which let these things happen as the empowered ones let the culprits escape.



Kohli expressing his thoughts said:

“Guys what happened in Bangalore is really disturbing. To see something like that happen to those girls and for people to watch it and not do anything about it, I think its a cowardly act. Those people don’t have any right to call themselves men. I have only one question, If something like that happened god for bid to someone in your family would you stand and watch or would you help. That’s my only question! And I think these things are allowed to happen and people stand there and they watch these things happen and they are fine with it because they think its absolutely fine for something like that to happen to a girl just because she is wearing short clothes. Its her life, its her decision and its her choice.

For men to accept that its an opportunity for us to do something like this and get away with it and people empowered try to defend it, its absolutely horrible. I think as a society these things are in certain peoples heads acceptable to a certain degree, its disturbing and shocking. And I am ashamed to be a a part of this society. I think we need to change our thinking, we need to treat men and women in the same way, be respectful and treat women with some compassion. As I said put yourself in the situation and think what if we were their family members of those girls, how would we feel about it. Jai Hind! ” Kohli said in the two videos.