Chuttalabbayi Movie Review


Cast: Aadi, Namitha Pramod, Sai Kumar, Ali, Prudvi, Abhimanyu Singh and others

Direction: Veerabhadram

Producers: Venkat Talari, Ram Talluri

Music: S.S Thaman

Release Date: 20-08-2016


Aadi has been struggling with flops for a while and has teamed up with Veerabhadram for the first time for Chuttalabbayi whose last film was Bhai with Nagarjuna. This movie is critical for both Aadi and Veerabhadram as they are in dire need of a success, let’s see if it can give them a boost to their careers.

Story: Babji(Aadi) who completed his engineering and has a plan to go to states for further studies, but failed to do so and starts working as a recovery agent meets kavya(Namitha). Kavya’s brother who is a strict police officer mistakes that Babji is after his sister. He targets Babji and comes to a conclusion that his sister has been seeing him.

That’s when Kavya runs away from her home as she don’t want to marry the guy of her brother’s choice. Babji is forced in to a situation where he has to accompany kavya. While policeman are searching for Babji and Kavya, other group starts hunting for kavya. Babji and Kavya are saved by Dorababu(Sai Kumar) when the two groups are chasing them. How Babji solve all the problems forms the rest of the story.


Performance: Aadi does a good job on a whole with his acting, dancing and energy levels. However he needs to focus on selecting good scripts rather than routine formula films. Namitha Pramod has done a decent job with her glamour and performance. Sai Kumar has a powerful character that elevates the film. prudvi’s comedy is good and Ali’s cameo at climax offers a few laughs at the end.

Technicalities: Veerabhadram has come up with a same routine script and has played a safe game. Thaman’s music is a big plus for this film which has some good mass numbers. BGM is good. Arun Kumar’s visuals are impressive.




Production Values





Verdict: Boring movie

TeluguDaily Rating: 2 Stars (2 / 5)