Dhruva Movie Review

Cast: Ram Charan, Rakul Preeth Singh, Aravind Swamy, Navadeep & Others
Directed by: Surender Reddy
Produced by: Allu Aravind
Music by: Hiphop Thamizha
Release Date: 2016-12-09



Dhruva is official remake of Tamil Superhit film Thani Oruvan. Surender Redddy is handed over the direction department for this remake and he has done some minor changes to the original script. Ram Charan has put in a lot of effort for this movie after the failure of his last film Bruce Lee. After a huge round of promotions the film has finally hit the screens, lets see how it fares at the boxoffice.


Dhruva (Ram Charan) a sincere IPS officer who is on a mission to eradicate crime in the city, targets the biggest criminal who is behind all the crimes. He hunts down various big wigs in the process and through them finds out that a man called Siddharth Abhimanyu(Aravind Swamy) is behind all the corporate crimes. How Dhruva nabs the powerful Sidharth forms the rest of the story.


Ram Charan after doing a series of mass flicks chose a classy subject that revolves around the antagonist. Charan’s hard work and dedication is clearly visible on screen. He worked so hard to get into right shape for a tough police officer character. His physique and screen presence are definitely a huge plus for the film. He performed very well though his character has limited scope.

Aravind Swamy is a big asset for the film and no one would have done justice to the role played by him. The whole story revolves around his role which elevates the film to a different level. Hema Chandra should be applauded for his dubbing to Aravind Swamy which gave that extra edge that required for the role.

Rakul Preeth Singh hasn’t much to do except for sizzling in a couple of songs. She just explodes like never before in Pareshanura song. Navadeep shines in an important character. Posani provides a bit of comic relief. Other actors that played hero’s friends and Nasser provided good support.


Ram Charan, Aravind Swamy




Lagging first half

Lengthy runtime


Telugu Daily Rating: 3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)