Sunday 26 March 2017
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‘Eedu Gold Ehe’ Movie Review

Cast: Sunil, Sushma, Richa Panai, Naresh,Prudhvi, Puneet Issar, Vennela Kishore, Posani and Others
Directed by: Veeru Potla
Produced by: Sunkara Rama Brahmam
Banner: AK Entertainments
Music by: Sagar Mahathi
Release Date: 2016-10-07
Sunil is a bit relieved man with his last outing being a success at box office, and he is back with ‘Eedu Gold Ehe’ and promised that the movie is out and out comedy and a treat to his fans. It looked like a comedy filled fun ride from its trailers, but Eedu Gold Ehe turned out to be a crime comedy that neither entertains nor thrills.
Bangarraju (Sunil) is an orphan who comes to Hyderabad in search of a job. He saves a lady (Jayasudha) from a goon and she takes him under her wing. Bangarraju manages to get  a job and also he fells for a girl (Sushma). Things take an unfortunate turn when a dreaded don (Puneet) comes after him in search of a missing golden idol. Bangarraju comes to know that there is another person called Sunil Varma who looks exactly like him. Bangarraju is forced to find his whereabouts as his and his loved ones lives are in danger because of Sunil Varma’s acts.
Sunil did a good job when it comes to comedy scenes, but there are plenty of action scenes in the movie which are not so appealing. There are a lot of heavy action episodes towards the climax, which shows his liking towards such scenes. Sushma Raj and Richa Panai provide eye candy with their glamour. Puneeth Issar hams a lot. Prudhvi shines during the climax scenes. Vennela Kishore and Shankar did their bit. Jayasudha has been wasted in a overdramatic character.
Veeru potla, failed to make a good story and instead of making it a masala film, he should have focused more on comedy. Music by Sagar Mahathi is not impressive. Cinematography is pretty ordinary. Editing failed miserably to keep the runtime short.
Prudhvi’s Comedy
The whole movie is a letdown
Telugu daily Rating: 1 Stars (1 / 5)