Kashmora Movie Review


Cast: Karthi, Nayanathara, Sri Divya, Vivek and Others
Directed by: Gokul
Produced by: Kavin Anne, Pearl V Potluri
Banner: PVP Cinema
Music by: Santosh Narayan
Release Date: 2016-10-28

Kashmora Movie garnered huge attention after the release of first look poster and the trailer has built enormous hype around the film that has ensured very good opening. The complete makeover of Karthi was a big plus for the movie.

Story: Kashmora (Karthi), pretends as a fake baba and cheats people using ghost busting techniques. In one incident, He cheats a Minister too and fled away with his money. When  everything seems to be going in favor of Kashmora, then comes the main twist when, a man approaches Kashmora to get rid of the ghosts in his palace which has a history of 700 Years. After entering the palace, Kashmora realizes that the place is haunted by evil spirits but he was helpless. Raj Nayak, a ghost which is in the palace for several centuries, is after Kashmora. What’s the past of Raj Naik and what Kashmora has to do with him form rest of the story.


Karthi has been the standout performer and excelled in both the roles as Kashmora and Raj Naik. The make over for Raj Naik is unbelievable and Karthi has put in a lot of effort for the role. Even as Kashmora he did a commendable job with his comdey timing. Nayanatara has done a good job and Sri Divya is alright.


Gokul has tried with a different genre in mixing horror comedy with fantasy, but he was not able to handle it all the way. He did well in getting the humor right, but there is hardly any horror in the film. Santosh Narayan music is refreshing. Background is a big plus for the movie. Cinematography and Art work are amazing and looked top notch.


Karthi performance



Uneven screenplay



Telugudaily Rating: 2.75 Stars (2.75 / 5)