Review : Appatlo Okadundevadu

appatlo okadundevadu review

Movie : Appatlo Okadundevadu

Cast : Nara Rohit, Sri Vishnu, Bramhaji, Rajiv Kanakala, Tanya Hope,

Music: Sai Karthik,

Cinematography : Naveen Yadav.

Producer’s: Krishna Vijay , Prashanthi,

Story & Direction : Sagar Chandra



Director Sagar Chandra first directed Ayyarae, it received accolades from the critics but was not successful at the box office. He took sabbatical for  years and came up  Appatlo Okadundevadu. Right from the first look and teaser this movie has created enough curiosity among the movie lovers.

Lets find out whether it lived up-to the expectations or not.

Story :

Railway Raju ( Sri Vishnu ) is a happy go lucky guy with only one aim in his life that is to represent Indian cricket team. He plays for the leagues and is quite famous in his area. But his life takes unexpected turn when his elder sister  Ahalya (Manasa) marries Savyasachi( Ravi Verma) a naxalite and joins the naxalite group.In parallel to this we get see a story of honest cop Imtiaz Ali(Nara Rohit) who hates naxalites to the core as they are responsible for his death and want’s to avenge his death by killing all naxalites.The conflict in the story starts when Ali starts troubling Raju and his family thinking that they are aware of the naxalites whereabouts.In this struggle Raju looses his career and once a happy go lucky guy enters the mafia world.

From then its a face off between Raju and Ali and in the end who will succeed forms the crux of the story.

Positives :

Intense Performance Of lead actors

Art Department


Background Score



Slow Pace

Mismatched scenes

Hindi dialogues uttered by Sri Vishnu

Analysis :

Appatlo Okadundevadu is the story of a guy who enters mafia world due to unavoidable circumstances. This is an age old formula across languages but the way director has handled the script sets it aside. A realistic approach to the 90’s era, globalisation, naxalism,and real estate have been handled efficiently.

The way director links all the threads in the movie needs a special mention. In a scene Vishnu’s coach explains him his mistake and Raju tells him a solution for that but doesn’t implement it in the next scene, he implements the same technique in a scene he escapes from Rohit.

After some time into the movie one gets a feeling that few scenes are inspired from Kamal Hassan’s Virumandi ( Pothuraju In Telugu ) as both the lead actors tell the story in there version. So initially even the audience will be confused as to whom to support.

Slow pace of the movie irritates you for some time but the very next moment you get glued to the screens that is a major plus point for this movie.

Last half hour of the movie is never seen and never heard kind of attempt and it carries the entire movie, the movie ends with a twist and the justification for that scene is also told convincingly.

Artists Performance:

Though this movie has two lead actors, it completely belongs to Sri Vishnu, from a boy next door to a dreaded criminal he has shown super variations and he takes us by surprise with his flaw less performance. Though hindi dialogues uttered by him could have been handled better.

Nara Rohit once again proves that serious characters are his forte and that combined with Police character he sets the screen on fire. He portrayed Ali character with so intensity that one will fall in love with that character such is intensity he has shown, he is just getting better as an actor day by day. His emotions in the climax are worth mentioning.

Tanya hope is okay as she has nothing much to do. One person who stood out again is Bramhaji, his dialogue on Kukatpally will surely bring smiles on every one face. Rajiv Kanakala once again shines in this movie. Prabhas Sreenu and Satya dev have done justice to their respective roles.

Technical Department.

Songs are okay but they don’t add any value to the movie, Suresh BGM totally lifts the movie.  Cinematography is the major asset for the movie, reflecting 90’s theme with the same lighting needs a special mention. Art department also has done a fabulous job every minute detail has been paid attention. One has to appreciate the guts of the producer as they did not compromise on any thing.

Sagar chandra is a director we need to look out for. He shined as a writer as well as one can see his reach in every scene.

Bottomline : Appatlo Okadundevadu Manchi Hit Kottadu

Our Rating : 3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)