Review : Gautamiputra Satakarni

Balakrishna surprised everyone by choosing  Gautamiputra Satakarni as his landmark movie,after contemplating various projects, Balakrishna finally chose this one as his hundredth film. The film is about unsung warrior from Satavahana dynasty of the 2nd century CE. Krish took up the challenge of bringing Satakarni to life in this epic drama ,and he has achieved a rare feet by completing the shoot of this movie in a record 79 days and the expectations reached sky high with the trailer.

Lets find out whether the movie has reached the expectations or not.

Story :

Satakarni (Balakrishna) dreams of seeing entire country as one kingdom under one king. He goes on waging wars against many kings to become that ultimate power. In the process, differences crop up between him and his wife Vasishti (Shriya). Taking his mother’s advice, Satakarni decides to put an end to his endless warfare by waging one last war for peace.

Performances By Artists:


As Krish claimed that Balakrishna was destined to do this character, many thought that he was just exaggerating, but as the movie progress we will never get a feel that we are seeing Balakrishna on screen we can only see Satakarni, such towering was his performance, be it emotional scenes with Shriya or the menace look after loosing most of army,  his performance is flawless.His superb dialogue delivery and his command over language is a great asset to the film. He has put in a lot of efforts to finish this grueling film in seventy working days.

Shriya : Shriya is surely a surprise package , as a caring mother and confronting the head strong husband she has given her career best performance and she looks beautiful as a queen.

Hemamalini role was very limited, don’t expect much  performance from her but as a Rajamatha she carried the role with grace. Care should have taken in her dubbing as few words didn’t sink.

Kabir bedi as ruthless Nahapana scores brownie points and he was uber cool with his flaw less performance too.

Technical Aspects

Krish’s passion for cinema is unparalleled. He thrives to offer different entertainment to film lovers with each and every film. Handling a film like Gautamiputra Satakarni is a challenge to any director. Krish delivered a quality product with limited budget and in a short span of time. This shows his command over various crafts.

Dialogues by Sai Madhav Burra stand as the highlight of the film. Rajamouli rightly said Burra’s pen is Satakarni’s sword in Gautamiputra Satakarni. He has written brilliant lines like “Odincha.. maraledu, kshamincha.. maraledu, vadhincha.. ika maralsina avasaram ledu”, “tala dinchaku, adi nenu gelichina tala”  and Balakrishna’s  dialogue about women is worth mention.  Music by Chirrantan Bhatt complements the genre and era of the film. Ekimeeda, Saho Sarvabhouma and Mriganayana songs will be liked by the music lovers. Background score could have been better. Editing is crisp. Visual effects are decent. Art department did a fine job with the production design. Cinematography is topnotch. Production values are fine.

Positives :


Lead actors performance,

Krish Direction,

Production Values,



Uneven pace,

Lack of drama,


What’s special about Gautamiputra Satakarni is not many know the exact story of the greatest emperor. Krish and his team of writers did their bit of research and have come up with a screenplay that suits the image of Balakrishna. Main focus of the film is on highlighting the heroics of the unsung emperor. The film hooks the audience straightaway with interesting takeoff.

Entire first half runs in two major episodes. Satakarni taking his son to the war and his war against Nahapana army is the highpoint in the first half. More than eighty percent of the first half is covered in this episode. Interval scene is good and will surely give a high for audience.

Second half slows down with family drama taking the front seat for a while. Movie ends with another lengthy war scene, which turns slightly boring due to too much of warfare that it offers already. A scene where Satakarni shows utmost respect to his mother gives insight about the emperor’s ideologies, though few more could have been added to elevate.

As Krish’s prime focus is on establishing the valor of the emperor, people that go to the movie to know details about Gautamiputra Satakarni will be left a little disappointed. Although the war scenes have some superb moments, that run time could have been shared to bring on more details of the actual story of Satakarni. Also the songs between the lead pair slowed the pace down.

Despite a few shortcomings and the cinematic liberties, Satakarni scores because of Balakrishna’s towering performance, Burra’s praiseworthy writing and Krish’s directorial brilliance. It is certainly a welcome change for film buffs amid routine masala fare. It is a one of its kind of cinematic experience that cannot be missed. Go watch it.

Final Word : వందవ చిత్రం కాదు వందేళ్లు గుర్తుండిపోయే చిత్రం 

Telugu Dialy Rating : 3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)