Review : Kaidi No 150 , Cut Copy Paste Of The Original

Khaidi No 150 is probably one of the most awaited films in the recent times not only for Chiru fans but even for movie buffs. One can easily say that no film has created such a buzz as Khaidi as it is Chiranjeevi’s comeback film after nine long years. The masala entertainer has hit the screens today and let’s see how it turns out to be.


Kaththi Seenu (Chiranjeevi) is a happy go lucky crook who escapes from jail and plans to leave the country for good. In this process, he comes across an accident and helps the man who gets affected by it.The twist in the tale arises when Seenu finds out that the man(Shankar) he saved is the exact look a like of him. He cleverly sends back Shankar to jail in his place and silently enters his life to earn more money.

There, he comes to know that Shankar’s life is miserable as he is the only man who is helping the downtrodden farmers of his village. Upset by this, Seenu decides to own Shankar’s problems and launches a huge fight against the corporate companies who are behind all this. How does he solve all these problems forms the rest of the story?

Plus Points:-

The first thing which comes to your mind once you start watching the film is, did Chiru really take a nine-year-old gap. Right from the first frame, he impresses you big time. Even after all these years, Chiru’s screen presence, comedy timing, and performance have not gone down one bit.

Be it his crazy dialogues or stunning dance moves, everything will make mega fans quite happy. Chiru’s performance during the emotional scenes and climax bring a lot of depth to the film. Kajal looks gorgeous in the film and merely suits the frame with Chiru. Not once do you feel that the pairing looks good.Every frame they met you feel awkward.

The first half of the film is quite breezy with a thumping interval block. Credit should also go to Devi Sri Prasad for giving a superb coiped  music score as all the songs will be hugely loved by all. Especially, the situation turns euphoric during the last song where Charan makes an entry.

Minus Points:-

Plenty to mention and it’s a tough task to mention the best among the worst however we did take that pain for our Megastar and here are few among them.One can easily say that the villain is a huge weak link for the film. Probably, a better star actor should have been a good match for Chiru’s star power. There are no solid confrontational scenes between the hero and the villain which would have elevated the film to another level.

Though the problems of farmers are elevated well, the solution given during the climax looks quite cleashed. Also, the story of the film is normal and does not have any interesting twists. The second half of the film gets a bit serious and slows down during the climax

Technical Aspects:-

As said earlier, Devi disappoints  big time with his music, his background score  elevates the film to a decent level.  But you get a feel that you have already heard this tune some where as Devi used all his previous tunes for this movie and there is no unique tune which feels great and top of it he copied the BGN from Sultan every one thought it was only for a fight but we get to hear that BGM in almost all the fight sequences.Special credit should go to DOP Ratnavelu for capturing Chiru in a stunning way and makes you go in disbelief that Chiru is actually a 60-year actor. Dialogues by Sai Madhav Burra are massy and give the front benchers some happy moments. Production values by Ram Charan are top notch. He has not compromised one bit for the film as the song locations and visuals look top notch.

Styling done for Chiru by his daughter Sushmita is pathetic  as the mega star looks lost  and  all the vibrant colors which Chiru wore will be a test for your patience and menace for you eye sight.

Atleast they should have thought about it watching them on screen.

And Kajal Agarwal looks like his daughter and in none of the scenes the romance looked natural it gives you feel like you are watching a crime patrol episode. Special mention should go to all the choreographers who have done a superb job in the songs. Each song has some stylish moments and Chiru brings the house down on fire with his signature steps.

Coming to the director Vinayak, he has done a wonderful job with the film. Kudos to him for adapting the remake according to Chiru’s stature and presenting him in a way which fans were missing from a long time. Right from Chiru’s performance to showcasing the farmers’ problems, Vinayak has narrated the film in a decent way. Had he tightened the second half and wrapped up the climax quickly, the effect would have been even better.


When Chiru decided to make a come back every one thought that he will come up with a movie which suits his age and image but leaving all those facts behind he choose to do remake with ample scope of heroism and on top of it they copied all possible aspects from the original be it the Jail escape plan or protesting in the water tunnel and the worst part is they have even copied the dialogues fights and scenes like the villain introduction . If you have already watched the original then you just feel that it’s a cut copy paste work.

Never in the entire movie you get to feel that the movie is not fictional with the artificial walk and talk of Chiru probably his die hard fans would love it but for a normal cine buff this movie is just an average fare and if you have seen the original then it will be a stupid movie for you.

 Our Rating : 2 Stars (2 / 5)