CyanogenMod shutting down Services by December 31

CyanogenMod, a popular alternate OS based on Android operating system, is shutting down its services on December 31 2016. The company revealed that the move is a part of the ongoing consolidation of Cyanogen. With this, CyanogenMod will be killed though the company has also confirmed its next open-source initiative dubbed Lineage. “The open source project and source code will remain available for anyone who wants to build CyanogenMod personally,” the Cyanogen team said in a blog post.

With the services being shut down, smartphones running Cyanogen OS includes the likes of Oneplus One and Lenovo Zuk Z1 won’t be receiving any further updates from Cyanogen.

In a separate blog post, the Cyanogen team listed few reasons why CyanogenMod got affected due to their recent decisions. “It will come as no surprise that this most recent action from Cyngn [Cyanogen] is definitely a death blow for CyanogenMod,” the team wrote.

“In addition to infrastructure being retired, we in the CM community have lost our voice in the future direction of CM – the brand could be sold to a third party entity as it was an asset that Kondik (co-founder of the company) risked to start his business and dream,” CynogenMod team added.