Facebook’s technical glitch re-posting old photos without user permission

Acoording to reports, a new technical glitch in Facebook is randomly reposting old statuses on the timeline. This glitch comes just weeks after another embarrassing moment for the social networking giant, after it declared thousands of its users dead; including its CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook already has a feature which come up with the digital memories of your past through its ‘On This Day’ and ‘Year In Review’ features, but those only show up on your timeline if you share them. The new glitch is posting old statuses without any permission or prior notification for some users. Many Facebook users took to Twitter about the new gltich.

One Twitter user, @Username_Sarah tweeted that she had deactivated her Facebook account after it reposted some 30 old posts without her permissions. “Staying away until I know it’s safe” she said in her tweet.

Another Twitter user, @nauernotmauer said in a tweet that dozens of his old posts appeared on his timeline after he updated his Facebook app on iOS last night.

However, when questioned about the glitch, Facebook has said that it was aware of the issue and currently investigating.

Facebook’s help forum has received many queries regarding the issue. Many users, after Friday’s Facebook glitch, were led to believe that their accounts were hacked.